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May 4th-7th 2019  //   Estoi, Portugal

yoga . sound healing . self development

-let your soul shine bright-

Group of young people meditating during


with like minded women

Sunset Yoga


fun and dynamic yoga

Hand Holding a Plant


your future with clarity



mind, body and soul

Woman in Hot Tub


sauna, steam, massage

-the experience-

This 4-day retreat is designed to connect a community of soul sisters who are ready to shake limiting beliefs, by developing strength and flexibility of the body and mind, through yoga, meditation, sound healing and journaling.


You’ll come away with the drive to take your creative journey forward with passion, energy and purpose!



·      Find your soul sisters (surround yourself with people that will help you rise up)

·      Fire up your spirit (challenging and dynamic yoga flow, time to deepen your practice)

·      Own your story and decide your future (self-discovery and development through meditation, sound healing and journaling)

From £395 per person


CONNECT….Find your soul sisters.

Have you heard the expression “you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”?

The people you spend the most time with shape who you are and affect your attitudes, behaviours and beliefs - and while some people hold us back, others propel us forward.

Like me, being a creative, I’m sure you’ve experienced this? When you’ve excitedly told a friend about your new idea for a class, article, play, workshop etc. only for it to be met with doubt, and so many questions, that your dreams are well and truly dampened?

I’ve been there SO MANY TIMES, and it’s really hard to ignore those doubtful opinions when your heart – and your intuition – is telling you you’re onto something good.


“Surround yourself with people who make you hungry for life, touch your heart and nourish your soul”

My dream is to build a community of like-minded women who lift each other up – a circle of yogis that truly connect with, and support, each other in their creative pursuits.

If you don’t have that network just yet, you’ll find it here….

Friends Walking Home

PLAY…. Fire up your spirit


Our sunrise and sunset yoga practice is going to be challenging (but not impossible!) because it takes strength to act upon those dreams of yours.


My teaching style is playful, almost dance like…moving with breath, flowing between asanas, incorporating both flexibility and strength.


We’re going to go deep and get into those postures you thought were off limits to you. Because you can do anything you set your mind to


Remember how proud and amazed you were when you did something for the first time? I remember during my yoga teacher training initiation when we had to practice 108 sun salutations in a row… it took two hours! I felt anxious, and my mind tried to convince me I couldn’t do it… but I did. And I felt amazing (even though my arms were killing me the next day)!



CREATE… Own your Story & Decide your Future


Up until now the past is your story… but a story is just a narrative we tell ourselves. Both positive and negative experiences are valuable life lessons to us, and we can use them to guide our future, because it is ours to create... (it’s time to shake off those limiting beliefs!)


You will have plenty of time to reflect and journal to gain an understanding of why you are where you are today.


On our retreat I’ll teach you how to be fully present and ‘observe’ your thoughts without letting them rule you and your narrative.


Sound healing, yoga nidra and meditation practice will help you go deeper… because amazing ideas just come to you, when you’re not consciously thinking. All of the great innovators know this to be true.


With new clarity and ‘headspace’ I promise you’ll have some light bulb moments!


It’s for you if…


·      You’re a yogi, who wants to go deeper, and learn new postures/variations. Everyone is at a different level, all I ask is that you know the basics. Show me your warrior two?

·      You’re already pursuing your creative passions (or you’re ready to make the leap)

·      Empowered souls who are on a journey and ready to take the next step, with support from like-minded women.

·  You already know that you are the creator of your own reality

It’s probably not for you if…


·      You’re a burned out 9 – 5er who just wants to chill

·      You’re comfortable with where your life is at, and not ready to embrace change

·      You’re new to yoga, or unfamiliar with the basics

·      You don’t believe your mind is yours to change

-what's my motivation-



This is a deeply personal retreat for me as I have too often in the past not acted on dreams, and let them fade out of life. I believed I was the story of my past, I let me thoughts and beliefs define me. This left me depressed, and grieving deeply…. my soul felt exhausted (anyone else been there?)


On this retreat I’ll share with you all I have learnt about living in the present moment. I’m drawing inspiration from the soul sisters around me, who are living their lives authentically, and daring to change old systems, and inspire new ways of living.


It is my life purpose now, to inspire and teach new ways of being truly present and expressive. In the past this has taken many forms for me; first though dance, then fashion, illustration, and now through yoga and sound healing. All were my tools to inspire beauty, joy, love and connectivity….but whatever makes your soul happy, do that .

(Alsoooo, Vicky and Alex will be joining us - they’re my soul sisters, but my real sisters too!) 

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Saturday 4th May...


4.00 PM: Time to meet everyone! We’ll have welcome drinks and canapes on the hotel terrace.

6.00 PM: our first evening Yoga class in the Chapel.

8.00 PM: a 3 course dinner together at the Palacio de Estoi’s beautiful restaurant, before heading off to bed. 




Sunday 5th May...


7.00 AM: A playful and dynamic sunrise Yoga class with stunning views towards the mountains and Faro town.

8.30AM: Breakfast time! Enjoy fresh fruits, juices and Portuguese pastries. The perfect time to chat and get to know one another.

10AM onwards: Spend the day your way, doing whatever feels beneficial to you right now – that could be rest, reflection, or something more active.


Whatever you get up to, I encourage you to find some time to work on yourself…. whether that’s through journaling, or seeking advice and support from your fellow soul sisters (I’ll be around during parts of the day to join you too)


In the hotel: you can enjoy massages and treatments offered by Palacio de Estoi, as well as the hotel spa facilities.


Nearby: the opportunities are endless… take tile painting classes, cycle to the Roman ruins, explore Estoi or neighbouring Faro…


4.00 PM: Afternoon Yoga class on our private deck with a view! A chance to test your mental focus with some challenging postures.

6.00 PM: Dinner locally at Galeria dos Sentidos restaurant (2 minutes from the hotel, and very good!)

8.45 PM: A yummy Evening Sound Bath and Yoga Nidra practice, in the Chapel.


Monday 6th May...


6.45 AM: Wake up with a sunrise Yoga class, that will leave you feeling energised for the day ahead, and ready to set some new intentions.

8.30 AM: Our daily group breakfast. There’s nothing like sharing stories over delicious food.

10.00 AM onwards: Free time to spend however you please!

5.00 PM:  our Evening Yoga class, with some seriously sunset views. 

7.30 PM: Dinner in Faro (15 minutes by taxi). Our last evening meal together!




Tuesday 7th May...


7.00 AM: Our final sunrise Yoga class. A challenging practice followed by a chance to reflect where you are now, and how to take your journey forward.

8.30 AM: Breakfast time. Get your final fill of delicious fresh fruits and local pastries.

11.00 AM: Checkout and depart to the airport, or continue your adventures in Estoi, Faro and beyond…



Price for Sharing Room: £395 per person

Price for Single Room: £525 per person 


Deposit £150.00 (non-refundable or transferable)

Remaining balance is due by: 15th April

Pink Palace

-your home-

-the history of the Pink Palace in Estoi, Algarve-

Beautiful things take time to build, and this is perhaps especially true for the Pink Palace, located in the small village of Estoi. In 1840, a local Algarve aristocrat, of the Carvalhal family, started building the Pousada Palacio de Estoi. However, by the time of the aristocrat’s death – several decades later – the palace was still nothing but a beautiful ruin, a half-made dream.


In 1893, the unfinished palace was bought by a wealthy landowner from Beja. He spent a fortune finishing the grand estate, and in 1909 the Pink Palace could finally celebrate its completion. The opening of the Pink Palace in Estoi was celebrated with a massive party that took place in May the same year. The celebration was apparently so wild that people spoke about it for years after. Unfortunately, a few decades later, the privately owned palace closed its doors and the wealthy family moved away for good. The Pink Palace was once again a beautiful ruin.

In 2009 that Pousada Palacio de Estoi once again opened its doors – this time as a luxury hotel and your retreat home.

With it's grand and decadent interiors…the perfect place to think big!

It’s impossible not to feel inspired, when you’re surrounded by beautiful and tranquil grounds.


What's included ….


  • Daily sunrise and sunset yoga and meditation classes (6 sessions in total)

  • Group sound healing workshop

  • Goody bag, which will include a journal an pen, to be used on the retreat, plus pampering goodies 

  • Drink and canapés on arrival 

  • A delicious 3 course welcome meal at The Pink Palace 

  • Your room, with the comfiest beds ever!

  • Daily breakfast of fresh fruit and Portuguese pastries 

  • Hotel pool, steam room and sauna


N.B. Please book your own flights to arrive at The Pink Palace by 4pm on Saturday 4th May and depart anytime from 12 midday on Tuesday 7th May.



  • Private healing treatments with Char (reiki/ sound healing/ shamanic)

  • Private yoga sessions with Char (time to go deeper into certain postures like headstands, or simply an opportunity to work on technique)

  • Treatments with the hotel spa. They offer deep tissue, yin yang, and head & shoulder massages, facials,  body wraps, and even Cleopatra milk baths!

  • Optional local activities/ trips into Faro town. 


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