Pink Sea


Yoga & Sound Healing Retreat with Charlotte Critoph

THE PINK PALACE - Estoi Portugal

19th-22nd October - 3 nights & 4 days

£614pp single accommodation & £444pp shared accommodation 




19TH  -22ND October 2019

Estoi, Portugal

Are you craving some time out from the daily grind?

Do you want to slow down and reconnect with yourself, remembering what it’s like to be fully present and ‘in the moment’?


By intentionally carving out time for spaciousness, we can step away from the daily grind of jostling for positions of recognition or material success, which distracts us from our true sense of peace and joy.


Even if we have been restless our whole life, we can take back control at any point and learn how to wake up from sleepwalking through life and become fully present.

My Rebalance & Reconnect Retreat will set you on the right path.

Through the practice of mindfulness in yoga and meditation, we can learn to cherish the simple things in life, and form deeper and more authentic connections, not only with ourselves but with our friends and families.  


You will come away from the retreat feeling liberated, lighter and inspired to live a little differently… J

"There is beauty calling to us everyday, every hour, but we are rarely in a position to listen. To be alive and walk on the Earth is a miracle, and yet most of us are running as if there were some better place to get to.” Thich Nhat Hanh



Estoi Village, Faro Town



gentle vinyasa, hatha yoga



meditate, self, community

Woman in Hot Tub


sauna, steam, massage



mind, body and soul



Daily outdoor Yoga Class on our private deck with a gorgeous mountain view!


· 9.30AM

 Breakfast: a Portuguese buffet of everything you could ever wish for (very filling- you probably won’t need lunch)


 · 10.30AM onwards

 Free time to spend however you please!


Explore the sleepy village of Estoi, or local Roman ruins. Perhaps take a trip into nearby Faro town or the beach. Or maybe nothing more than relaxation by the pool and complimentary use of the sauna, steam room and spa.


 Optional extra  - take a Private/Couples yoga class, Reiki, Sound or Energetic healing with me.



 Daily afternoon Yoga Class outside or in the historic hotel Chapel.




Dinner together (optional). We will explore the local restaurants  in Estoi, and Faro Town, Nourishing our bodies with a variety of nutritious Mediterranean inspired foods, and good company. All diets catered for.


On Monday evening, a special Yoga Nidra and Sound Healing Workshop, in the beautiful Chapel. 





  • 4 morning, 4 evening yoga classes

  • A bonus Yoga Nidra and Sound Healing Workshop

  • Guidance and advise on how to develop your own personal practice, through careful in-class adjustments


  • 3 nights Luxury Accommodation at the beautiful Palacio de Estoi (with the comfiest beds ever!)

  • Access to Hotel Pools (indoor and outdoor), Steam Room and Sauna

  • Access to Hotel Spa treatments (book and pay with Spa reception)

  • Daily breakfast. A Portuguese buffet of everything you could ever wish for; fresh fruits, pastries, yoghurt, bread, cheeses, jam etc. as well as numerous cooked breakfast options.

  • Welcome Drinks and Canapes

  • Retreat goody bag




Please contact me ahead of the retreat to book any additional sessions with me, that might enhance your retreat experience.


  • Private/ Couples Yoga Classes


Time to go deeper into certain postures, focus on correct technique, or deep relaxation – your choice


  • Private Healing Treatments


Reiki, Energetic or Sound Healing



Please book your own return flights to Faro, to arrive at Palace de Estoi by 3/4pm on 19th Oct, and depart any time from 12 noon onwards on 22nd Oct. Palace de Estoi is a 15 minute taxi ride from Faro airport.


Vinyasa yoga, is a style of yoga which links movement with breath. It is excellent for students who want to flow between postures (almost in a meditative way) and experience deep relaxation after class.


Have you heard the expression yin and yang? Our morning practices will be ‘yang’; active and dynamic, while our evening practices will be ’yin’; passive and slow, to rebalance ourselves physically and energetically.


As humans, our personality will naturally be drawn to one type of practice or way of life, so this retreat will give you that moment of pause to explore another way of being - both on and off the mat.





Morning practice will be a dynamic vinyasa flow, focusing on asana alignment and technique … can you think of a better way to start the day than bringing movement into the body?  Depending on how the class flows, we may take the time to break down one or two postures more deeply in a workshop style class, or just continue exploring and building our strength and flexibility.





Evening practice will be deeply nourishing, and peaceful… a slower and more mindful practice. We’ll take the time to surrender into postures, so you can be truly present with yourself.


During shavasana (relaxation) and the special one hour yoga nidra and sound healing workshop, you will be bathed with the healing sounds of Tibetan singing bowls, and gongs, which is an amazing experience! On the most basic level, sound healing brings about a deep state of relaxation, allowing your unconscious to process and heal. You will be sure to sleep soundly afterwards!




“So much wisdom exists within the body. We often come to class with the ambition of accomplishing something physical and forget that if we let go of any ambition we can create space for a more significant unfolding. The intention is to work through self-limiting habitual patterns and shift to place of more tolerance and acceptance."




200HR Ashtanga Vinyasa Teacher

Over 500HR Teaching Experience

Reiki Practitioner

Sound Healing Practitioner

Energetic Healer


Movement has always been an important part of my life. Growing up I danced almost every night of the week (everything from ballet to cheerleading). In my twenties I fell in love with weight training, and high impact cardio. Now in my thirties, I feel strongly in balance and better in tune with listening to my body and how it wants to move. Some days that is working myself hard, and pushing to my limits, and other days it is honouring my body when it is asking to rest by incorporating a slower practice or simply meditation/ breathwork. 

Throughout my journey, yoga has been my backbone.  Moving from what was a purely physical practice to a journey of deep spiritual awakening and growth. 


It is my life purpose now, to inspire and teach new ways of being truly present and expressive.





-the history of the Pink Palace in Estoi, Algarve-

Beautiful things take time to build, and this is perhaps especially true for the Pink Palace, located in the small village of Estoi. In 1840, a local Algarve aristocrat, of the Carvalhal family, started building the Pousada Palacio de Estoi. However, by the time of the aristocrat’s death – several decades later – the palace was still nothing but a beautiful ruin, a half-made dream.


In 1893, the unfinished palace was bought by a wealthy landowner from Beja. He spent a fortune finishing the grand estate, and in 1909 the Pink Palace could finally celebrate its completion. The opening of the Pink Palace in Estoi was celebrated with a massive party that took place in May the same year. The celebration was apparently so wild that people spoke about it for years after. Unfortunately, a few decades later, the privately owned palace closed its doors and the wealthy family moved away for good. The Pink Palace was once again a beautiful ruin.

In 2009 that Pousada Palacio de Estoi once again opened its doors – this time as a luxury hotel and your retreat home.

With it's grand and decadent interiors…the perfect place to think big!

It’s impossible not to feel inspired, when you’re surrounded by beautiful and tranquil grounds.

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Single Room: £614   or   Shared Room: £444

There are several different payment options available – please choose the one that best suits you, and let me know at the time of booking


1)   Full payment up-front (£614 single room, £444 sharing)

2)   £100 deposit payable upon booking. Then x4 monthly payments on the 1st of the month; July, Aug, Sept, Oct (£128 for single room, £86 for sharing).

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