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Sound is one of the most ancient forms of healing. We are constantly surrounded by sound, which has either a positive or negative impact on ourselves- positive creating a feeling of relaxation, harmony, peace, or negatively when we would experience tension, unease, stress. On the most basic level, sound healing gets individuals to recalibrate and reexperience peace and deep relaxation. When all the physical and more subtle bodies are in this state of relaxation this is when the deepest and most profound self- healing can take place. As sound practitioners we don’t heal the individuals, we enable them to self heal.


-sound healing-


Sound Healing is the intentional use of sound to create an environment which becomes a catalyst for healing in the physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual aspects of our being. 

1 Hour Private Sound Healing: £40-50 

90 min Private Sound Healing: £60 

Group Sound Healing Workshops: Click here



‘’My healing started with two different sound frequencies from the bowl, which I loved. This very quickly put me in a state of deep relaxation, with my body first feeling very heavy and then the feeling as if I was floating or suspended in water.
Throughout I could feel the sound vibrations from the different instruments in different areas of my body, the deep sound of the drum helped clear and shift areas of tension, worry and anxiety deep in my stomach.
The healing left me feeling calm, clear and refreshed.’’- Claire

''It took no longer than two minutes after the sounds healing started for me to find the most restful state. My whole body felt heavy but so relaxed and still which allowed my mind to go and explore! I was in that strange, incredible state between awake and asleep and my mind went on a bizarre journey of colour and people. An amazing, colourful, happy trip. As the official part of the sound healing came to an end I felt so relaxed I could have never moved! I woke up the next morning with such gratitude for my friends and family, (fully in my heart), and wanting to date for the first time in months!'' -Emma 


''We had a quick chat to set an intention for the session and decided to focus on unconditional love. We started the healing with a couple of deep breaths. I felt the vibration of the drum in my whole body. It was very soothing and it pinned me down to the mat. Eventually I find myself wondering in my home town. Remembering the river with the little wooden bridge and how the sun felt on my face. Walked around in the town felling the belonging and the love. Felt like was a perfect summer afternoon.'' - ZSuzsa

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