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-1:1 spiritual guidance -


What am I here to do? A question so central to our lives.

The yoga tradition teaches us that each one of us is born with a soul purpose or dharma. We are all here to love, give and serve in our own unique way. To live a fulfilled life we need to reveal how we can offer ourselves to the world in the most truthful way to our soul.

Our spiritual practice is a way to listen beneath the surface mind, beneath the layers of conditioning, expectations and judgment. We uncover our true soul voice and to let this guide us forward. Are you ready to... 

- Listen to your soul
- Get clear on your unique gifts
- Dare to dream big
- Understand the limiting beliefs holding you back
- Take action and manifest
-Commit to your personal sadhana


Dedicated practice and guidance reinforces the opportunity to truly co-create your life with the universe. This programme is an opportunity to tend to that which you know deep inside you are here to do.

Having a sense of our innermost purpose becomes a steadfast anchor within all of life. It serves as a reminder when we are faced with challenges and a springboard when we are ready to move forwards.

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Nothing lights me up with JOY more than helping and teaching others,... seeing them step into thier power and really embody their soul purpose.  Letting go of all that is holding them back.


I will give my EVERYTHING to assist you, all I ask is you provide the same energy to growth and development.

“All the dreams and visions you have are the Divine speaking to you and through you. ”

This 1:1 mentoring programme is completely tailored to YOU and your needs.

It can cover anything including:

-Recognising and letting go of limiting thoughts and beliefs.
-Overcoming fear.
-Discovering your souls purpose- why you are here on earth at this time.
- Your unique gifts and talents.
-Changing careers to something more soul led/ purposeful.
-Building confidence/ self esteem.
-Overcoming mental health problems.
-Letting go of what you can’t control.
-Healing past or current relationships.
-Learning to balance your own energy.


And many many many other things…..


I first met Charlotte when I was attending one of her yoga classes.  She knew I wasn’t on top form as she looked at me a few times, and in a very gentle way and asked me if I was alright.  I felt I was able to pour out my heart to her and apart from feeling like I had been truly listened to and understood, I felt so much better.
Our next meeting was a year or so later.  At a dinner with friends, one person mentioned how she had been seeing Charlotte privately for relaxation and yoga and how these sessions had helped her through a very difficult life-changing event.  She encouraged me to get in touch, which I did.
I had a few private sessions with Charlotte, focussing on breathing, relaxing through sound therapy and reiki.  I found these sessions incredibly helpful, grounding and helped me be present.  I had the strength to tackle the stresses I was going through after these sessions, I felt I had more control and better perspective.
Charlotte is calm, focussed, empathetic and kind.  She gives you time to talk – or not.  The space and time with her is safe, warm and comforting.  The help with relaxing and talking through breathing and visualisation is brilliant.  My time with Charlotte produced a truly remarkable change in my attitude, in that I wasn’t so ‘wound up’ or stressed and I really feel has helped me with a greater sense of perspective.


‘’I love how I’m learning things about myself mentally, physically and spiritually and how they are all connected. Going through my daily life I find myself thinking about the things I learned during our weekly practice. Things like my breathing, posture, letting go of things I can’t control and living in the present moment. My sessions with Charlotte have helped  me tremendously with living more inline with my purpose.’’


I initially approached Charlotte for private yoga classes, which quickly developed into what I can only describe as spiritual development sessions. She helped me heal my relationship with my deceased father- letting go of the unrealistic expectations he placed on me. This helped me to feel more freedom daily, reduced my anxiety, and helped me to start to live a life of MY choosing... not anyone else. I can’t be more grateful.



The programme is comepletely tailored around YOU and your needs, and will focus on whatever area of life you are currently looking at and need guidance with.
However, ulitmately the desire is to focus on whatever you feel is holding you back from being
authetically you, and making your mark in the world.


- One private yoga/ meditation/ reiki/ sound healing session each month- via Zoom.
- One discovery call, maximum length 1 hour.  Our   chance to get to know each other better, and   for me to understand what you would like to   work on.
-One follow up call each month. 
- Practices and exercises to help you get to    where you want to be.
- Intuitive advice.
- Ongoing email exchanges.
- Intimate heart centred relationship.



 The investment is £108 per month.

If you have questions, or require further information don’t hesitate to get in touch.


To apply simply email me at:

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